Quilt Block Patterns

How to Make an 8″ Charmed Quilt Block

I have a series over on my YouTube channel called Fast & Easy Quilt Blocks. This month I am doing a twist on a traditional Churn Dash block. I love the movement that the center section gives this design. Because of that, it is a bit modern and a bit traditional. The looks great with all different color layouts. Learn how to make an 8″ Charmed quilt block here.

Fast & Easy Quilt Blocks Video Series

Do you want to learn a new block in about 5 minutes or less? You can with my YouTube Series – Fast & Easy Quilt Blocks. Every few weeks I present a new quilt block that is great for scrap busting and is easy to put together. This is block number 9!

These videos are a little bit different than some of my others. Because there is no speaking in the video it does not take as long for me to make and I don’t have to clean up my studio!

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General quilting supplies are needed to make this block. A scant 1/4″ seam allowance is used.

What to Cut to Make One 8″ Finished Block

I have put the total number of pieces. Cut pieces from your favorite fabrics. Tip: You could sketch the block and color it in with various colors.

Cutting Requirements

Note: I use the 2 at a time method to make the half square triangles in this block. They are made using the 3 1/4″ squares.


A – 3 1/4″ squares – 8 total, 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ strips – 4 total

B – 3 1/4″ squares – 4 total

C – 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ strips – 4 total

D – 3 1/4″ squares – 2 total

Block Layout

Possible Layouts and Color Ideas

It is always fun trying out different colors and layouts with my Electric Quilt 8 software. These are all made with the same number of blocks. Look at all of the different results.

First I went with a dark background and I like that graphic look. Second I went with a Christmas look. Third I went with pastels. Lastly I set the blocks on point for a great look.

Other Fast & Easy Quilt Blocks

Here are the blocks that I have made in this YouTube series. (Click on the photo to go to my blog post). They are all different in so many ways. Which one do you like best?

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. That way you will always know when I put out a new video! Happy Quilting! – Claudia

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