Rainbow Fabric Embroidery Hoop Art

Rainbow Fabric Embroidery Hoop Art - DIY Tutorial

Who doesn’t love the colors of a rainbow? I know I do, and if you do too, then this rainbow fabric embroidery hoop art project is for you.

Bright and cheerful, rainbows make great art. From pastel hues to vivid jewel tones, they can be portrayed in so many different ways.

This wall hanging is easy to make, doesn’t take much time, and when done, is a cheerful decoration that looks great anywhere.

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Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

14 Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

Every year, when back-to-school time comes around, I know it’s time to start organizing our schedules. To make that easier I have a big bulletin board where I put notes, sports schedules, and other important items. Unfortunately it’s just a big, plain board in a corner of the laundry room. This year I decided that I would jazz it up a bit, so I started searching for ideas. Here are 15 fabulous cork board transformations that I found.

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Perler Bead Soup Can Pencil Cup

Perler Bead Upcycled Soup Can Pencil Cup DIY Craft Tutorial - createwithclaudia.com

I’m trying to be better about recycling things around the house. Since the majority of my work is with fabric, it’s easy. I just use what fabrics I have on hand. However, it’s not always that simple for other things. So when I used a soup can the other day, I got the idea for this perler bead soup can pencil cup and I just had to make it.

Not only is this project a great way to keep a can out of the trash, it uses up some of the thousands of perler beads that I have from the days when my daughter played with them. It’s been a long time since she used them, and I never got around to throwing them out, so I’m trying to use them in some of my craft projects.

Each pencil cup is completely unique, and they make terrific gifts. I could easily see one of them sitting on my desk. Kids can help make them by doing the artwork and, depending on their age, some of the gluing.

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Easy Dollar Store Patriotic Wreath

Easy DIY Dollar Store Patriotic Wreath Tutorial - createwithclaudia.com - #fourthofjuly #patriotic

When the month of May rolls around, I start thinking about getting out all of my red, white, and blue décor. I see the colors in stores, and all of the projects I make seem to include them. This year I decided to make a small wreath for someone who is unable make her own, so I went to a nearby store that sells everything for a dollar and found just what I needed. It only cost me about $4 to make this DIY dollar store patriotic wreath, and she loves it.

Whether you need an inexpensive hostess gift for a party, or just want to refresh your summer holiday decorations, this project is just what you are looking for. An added bonus is that the store sells the same types of items for various holidays, so this wreath can be made for just about any occasion.

Let’s get started.

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Wooden Spool Craft Projects

Awesome Wooden Spool Craft Projects

Anyone who sews knows that they will eventually end up with an empty spool that gets tossed in the trash. Why not recycle them into some unique items instead? Here are 11 awesome wooden spool craft projects choose from.

Where to find spools

Today, spools are made out of plastic, but vintage wooden ones can still be found in flea markets or antique shops. Some of them still have their original labels or graphics on them, which adds another interesting design element. If you can’t find vintage spools, new ones are easily available.

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