Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

Every year, when back-to-school time comes around, I know it’s time to start organizing our schedules. To make that easier I have a big bulletin board where I put notes, sports schedules, and other important items. Unfortunately it’s just a big, plain board in a corner of the laundry room. This year I decided that I would jazz it up a bit, so I started searching for ideas. Here are 15 fabulous cork board transformations that I found.

How To Transform a Boring Cork Board in 4 Steps from The No Pressure Life

This striking transformation is easy to do and packs a punch graphically. It would look great anywhere. It’s almost too pretty to pin stuff on.

Change a boring cork board

How to Cover a Cork Bulletin Board With Fabric from The Mermaid’s Den

The round edges of this bulletin board soften the look, and the bold fabric gives this makeover an artistic look. Just imagine all of the looks you could get depending on the fabric you choose.

DIY Memo & Bulletin Board from That’s What Che Said

What a bright and fun way to transform a bulletin board. The ribbon and buttons add an extra touch to really make it stand out. One nice thing about the ribbon is that it allows people to hang a picture without sticking a pin in it. Love this transformation!

Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

DIY Blue Geometric Cork Board from RemodelaCasa

This cork board redo is almost too pretty to use. Any announcement would look good hanging here. The nice thing about this project is that you don’t need many supplies to make it.

Thrifted DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

I love any project that is a money saver, and this bulletin board, with its fancy frame, looks like it would cost a lot, but it doesn’t. It also looks easy to make, which is even better!

Scrap Fabric Découpage Bulletin Board from Create with Claudia

If you sew, or just happen to have a lot of fabric scraps around, then this fun DIY is for you. Transform cork tiles into a unique and useful bulletin board, all while repurposing items from around the house.

Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

Burlap Bulletin Board DIY from Love Our Real Life

Now here is what I would call a real transformation. According to their post, this bulletin board was over 20 years. The redo makes it look brand new, and the burlap and nail heads make it look right on trend.

How to Make a Giant Cork Board Wall from Young House Love

If you want a lot of space to hang stuff, then here is a solution for you! This project probably takes more time than the others listed here, but the finished wall looks terrific and you get tons of usable space.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board from A Beautiful Mess

Don’t worry, you won’t have to drink all this wine to get the corks for this fabulous cork board. You can buy them at almost any craft store. This is such a fun and creative way to make a bulletin board, and you won’t overlook any important announcements if you stick them on here.

DIY Southwestern Cork Board Art from Sweet Peas and Saffron

These smaller displays are a fun way to show off your artistic ability and, while they are almost too pretty to use, they can be. Because of their size, they’d be good for smaller spaces.

DIY Stylish Fabric Covered Inspiration Cork Board from Rose Clearfield

I love that Rose used multiple fabrics on this cork board redo. It adds a nice graphic design to the piece. You could have each color represent a different section, like school events, personal events or other things.

Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

Wine Cork Board from Girl, Just DIY!

Here’s another fun way to show off wine bottle corks. This time it’s round. I love the fact that almost everything used to make this project is recycled. I could definitely see this hanging in my kitchen with handy reminders hanging on it.

Wine Corks Board

Style Your Clipboards with Printed Label Paper and Washi Tape from Lia Griffiths

For a completely different way to display important notices, check out these restyled clipboards and the display. It’s unique, functional, and would look great in an office or work space.

Clipboards and Washi Tape

$2 Thrift Store Bulletin Board Makeover from @ Home with Ashley

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of paint and a thrift shop bulletin board. This tutorial shows you the dramatic change that you can do yourself.

Fabulous Cork Board Transformations

DIY Cork Board Made with Iron on Vinyl from Polka Dot Chair

Check out this cork board redo. It’s done with vinyl and wow, does it really transform a boring tile into something special. It looks easy too.

Cork board decorated with vinyl

There you have, 15 fabulous cork board transformations. They all look terrific and would look great in any space. Best of all, they all look easy to do, and I don’t know about you, but I’m all about easy crafts.

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15 Fabulous Cork Board Redos

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