A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Claudia and I’m excited to share my creations with you here.

I’ve been a quilter for almost 30 years and, while I enjoy all sorts of crafts, I really love making things with fabric. After buying fabric for so long, I’ve collected a lot of it, and one of my goals is to use up what I have to make room for more!

About 7 years ago I started writing online on HubPages. I cover a wide range of topics and still enjoy contributing articles to that site which you can find on my profile page there. I thank them for giving me my start and always supporting my writing.

On the side, I’m a freelance blog photographer, specializing in creating photos for authors who would rather write than take photos.

Be sure to follow me on instagram @createwithclaudia to see what I’ve got going on.

On the home front, I’m the proud mom of a beautiful daughter and am married to a terrific guy who always has the patience to help me with the technical side of this site. Not sure if I would have been able to get it started without him.


  1. Mary Jo Osborn

    November 25, 2020 at 1:54 PM

    I would like to know where I find how much material I need to buy for the entire quilt.

    1. createwithclaudia_7j76hs

      November 25, 2020 at 2:12 PM

      Sorry – But I don’t know what quilt you are talking about? Are you looking for a specific pattern?

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