Easy 15-Minute Valentine’s Day Vanilla Candy Tutorial

Easy Valentine's Candy Recipe - createwithclaudia.com

My daughter came to me the other day and suggested this Valentine’s Day candy blog post.  I’ve always made her cake pops for her birthday and she absolutely loves the candy coating I dip them in so she’s always thinking of things to make with it.

She happened to come across a couple of bags of the candy in our pantry and wanted to eat some of it.  I explained that it probably wasn’t a great idea since it was right before dinner. I happened to have my cookie cutters sitting out and she came up with this fun idea instead.

About 10 minutes later, a tray of these festive sweet treats was hardening in the refrigerator.

For a candy that only takes a few minutes to make with only a couple of supplies, it sure looks beautiful.  She’s planning on making them for teacher gifts this year.

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Mint Marshmallow Cookie Candy Recipe

Chocolate Mint Marshmallow Candy - createwithclaudia.com

I am warning you right now that when you try this recipe, it will probably end up being one of your favorite candy recipes ever.  Yes, it’s that good.  How can it not be when it’s got marshmallows and mint sandwich cookies all blended together with melted chocolate chips!  To me it’s the perfect mint candy, not too strong, but definitely minty.  It’s also unbelievably easy to make and it stores well, which makes it that much better.

This is now my candy choice when I put together my Christmas cookie trays.  In fact, if you ask my daughter and my brother, it’s a requirement for my holiday baking list, and my brother usually gets a batch when his birthday rolls around.

The recipe makes about 44 large pieces of candy, but it can easily be doubled for those of you who have large events to attend, or assemble lots of cookie trays to give out at the holidays.

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Very Berry Cookie Truffles Recipe

Berry Truffle No-Bake Sandwich Cookie Truffles - createwithclaudia.com

I’m all about easy cooking. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when I like to take my time baking a special homemade treat, but for the most part I like to make things that don’t take a lot of time. No bake treats are even better!

These Very Berry Cookie Truffles definitely fit this description.  They are quick and easy, and only require 3 ingredients and a few kitchen tools.

With a sweet and crunchy candy coating, and a soft, chewy chocolate berry flavored filling, they make a pretty presentation and are the perfect bite sized treat for any occasion. Just imagine them on a dessert table at a baby or wedding shower.

I always worry a little bit when I try out a new recipe, but luckily, in my house, my family members are my taste testers and are usually honest.  These were a huge hit with them. I took the rest of the candies to my office and everyone loved them there too!  So I know they are good.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cracker Candy Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy - createwithclaudia.com
When I started getting the ingredients together for this recipe, my daughter came into the kitchen and said that this candy looked like it was going to be the best thing I ever made.
Wow, high praise from an 11 year old!  She and I both agree that chocolate and peanut butter together is just about the best tasting combination there is.  And if you enjoy this flavor combo as much as we do, then she was pretty much right on the mark with her comments.
These candies are out of this world delicious, and they are pretty easy to make.  Be warned though, that the process does get a bit messy, but the result it worth it.  They are delightful mix of semisweet chocolate, salty peanut butter and crisp, buttery crackers.  Pure goodness that makes it hard to just eat one.

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