Scrap Fabric Easter Garland

Easter Garland made with fabric created by using scraps and Mod Podge.  createwithclaudia - #easter #craft

Some time ago I created a larger piece of fabric out of small scraps and Mod Podge. The results were just what I was looking for, and now I am coming up with all kinds of projects for it. The Mod Podge makes fabric durable and firm, yet flexible, all while retaining much of its’ original look. It is the perfect material for this scrap fabric Easter garland.

I have always wanted to make a garland for our living room mantel. The problem was that I just could not find what I was looking for until now. This one is easy to make, it looks charming, and, now that it has been hung, my house is ready for Easter. I may not be, but my house is.

As with most of my projects, the look of this can easily be changed by using different colored fabrics and cut out patterns. I am already toying with something patriotic.

If you are looking for a festive Easter garland, and like the look of scrap fabrics, then this is the project for you.

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Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow Pattern

Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow Pattern - createwithclaudia - #eastercraft #sewing

I love Spring and all that it brings. The soft pastels in every color remind me of the flowers that are just beginning to bloom. The grass is getting greener, the birds are chirping, and the weather is getting warmer.

It is also a time when I start all of my Easter decorating, and this year my new pillow is the main star. You can get the same look in your house with my Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow pattern.

This design is the third in my pixelated holiday pillow series, and this might be my favorite so far. It is a great way to use up all of those gorgeous pastel scraps you have. Of course, it’s a good excuse to buy more fabric too.

The pillow is large and looks good anywhere. It would make nice hostess gift for someone if you are invited to their home during the holiday.

So gather up all those pretty fabrics, eat a couple of jelly beans to give you some energy, and make yourself a new throw pillow.

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