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How to Make a Crumb Quilting Envelope-Style Throw Pillow

If you follow my blog you know that I love a good scrap fabric project. When I ended up with scraps left over from a recent Island Batik ambassador project I decided to put them to good use. I made this fun home décor item. Learn how to make a crumb quilting envelope-style throw pillow with this easy tutorial.

The directions are for a 12″ throw pillow. However they can easily be adjusted to any size pillow you wish to make. I’ve made a handy list below that tells you how to adjust for the pillow form you have.

In the video I add binding, however that is optional. I think adds a little something extra to the pillow.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Crumb Quilting Throw Pillow

Supplies You Will Need

To make one pillow you need the following supplies.

  • One 12″ pillow form
  • Various scraps of fabric of different shapes and sizes
  • 1 piece of backing fabric (for the top of the pillow cover) cut 14″ square
  • 1 piece of batting cut 14″ square
  • 2 pieces of backing (for the envelope-style back of the pillow cover) cut 11″ x 13″
  • Binding (optional)
  • General sewing supplies

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Want to Make a Different Size Pillow?

It is easy to change the size needed for the pillow form you have. Here’s how I calculate what sizes I need.

The front (or top) of the envelope-style throw pillow case is cut 1″ larger than the pillow form. The two pieces needed for the back of the pillow case are calculated as follows: 1″ larger than the pillow form by half the size of the pillow form plus 5″.

For example:

22″ square pillow form – 23″ square piece cut for the top (or front) of the pillow case & 2 pieces cut 23″ x 16″ for the envelope-style back

18″ square pillow form – 19″ square piece cut for the top (or front) of the pillow case & 2 pieces cut 19″ x 14″ for the envelope-style back

The Inspiration for this Pillow

I am an Island Batik ambassador and each month we have to make a project. I always like to add a little bonus project to show off the gorgeous fabrics they send us. This month the challenge was to use their new fabric line called Silverado Canyon and make a quilt using a tool from their industry partner Deb Tucker Studio 180 Designs. I received their Corner Pop tool and paired it with their Corner Beam tool to come up with this quilt. I call it River Bed.

River Bed

After using the tools I had a number of trimmings left over. I used those crumbs (scraps) to make this pillow. You can see the assembly in my video tutorial.

You can read all about my quilt “River Bed” and how I made it this blog post.

Will You Be Learning How to Make a Crumb Quilting Envelope Style Throw Pillow?

Crumb quilting is so much fun to do. It is a fantastic scrap-buster and no two pieces are the same. I love making crumb yardage with like colored scraps. Here are some other articles using this crumb quilting method that you might enjoy.

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