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May Monthly Color Challenge Entry for 2020 Patterns by Jen Event

The months seem to be flying by for me this year. I think it is because of the unsettling times we live in right now. Luckily, quilting and crafting has been a respite for me, and the May monthly color challenge block came at just the right time.

This year, Jen used birds as the prompts for the colors of the month and, for May, it is the budgerigar (more commonly referred to as a budgie). A neighbor of my grandmother always had a budgie. I would spend hours talking to it. Proudly strutting around, he would show off his beautiful green feathers.

Green is the ideal color for May. I don’t know about your area, but around here the grass is lush and green. Leaves are starting to pop out. You can see green everywhere.

My May Monthly Color Challenge Blocks

This year Jen added some other options for the blocks. In her patterns you can find an option for the color of the month paired with white or black.

Along with the block made in two shades of green, I decided to go with the white version. So far I am loving it. The white fabric adds a real crisp look to the block. I wish now that I had done the block in black as well.

May Monthly Color Challenge Block

Other additions to this year’s challenge are sponsors and prizes. Make sure to head over to the Patterns by Jen website to get all of information. It’s not too late to join in on the fun.

Here are the blocks I’ve done so far.

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