November Entry for the Patterns by Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge

Here is my November entry for the Patterns by Jen 2019 monthly color challenge. That means that there is only one month to go! I can’t believe it. I also can’t wait for December to get here so I can see the final block.

This challenge has been a joy, and the emphasis on colors has really made me think about my fabric choices and placement.

When I started this project way back in January, I decided to use batik fabrics, and this month was no exception. Yellow was the color prompt, and it was a bit of stretch for me fabric-wise. I don’t have a lot of yellow batiks on hand, so I had to use two different ones for the darker parts of the block.

Color Prompt

The flower of the month was the Black Eyed Susan. In the summer, you can find these flowers throughout my garden, so I had plenty of inspiration.

I am glad that Jen decided to go with yellow for this month. In my neck of the woods it gets pretty grey around this time of the year. Yellow is like a shot of sunshine on a snowy day.

The November entry for this challenge uses plenty of half square triangles, and that is one of my favorite units, so it was fun for me to piece.

Next months’ color prompt is purple, and I am already trying to pick out which fabrics I want to use. After that comes one of the best parts of the process, putting the blocks all together.

I’ve got a few ideas swirling around, but until I make the final block, I won’t decide. Here are the blocks I have done so far.

For more information on this fun challenge, visit the Patterns by Jen website.

Entries for the Patterns by Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge
Entries for the Patterns by Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge

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