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How to Make a Large Diamond in a Star Quilt Block

In 2021 I chose to do a lot of large blocks for my Stars of the Prairie mystery quilt. I was not sure how I would like doing so many of them, but wow, do I love them. This is one of them, and I’d love to show how to make a large diamond in a star quilt block.

The big center gives this block a bold modern look to it. One of the nice things about it is that, while it looks like it might be hard to put together, it is not. In fact, it’s pretty easy. The block is only made up of squares and half square triangles.

If you are participating in the 2021 mystery quilt then guess what?! This is our final block! Can you believe it? Next month we put it all together.

For those of you who are not participating, but might be interested, this is a free mystery quilt that began in January 2021. It may be almost over, but I keep the free patterns up on my website so you can join at any time.

*Download the Free How to Make a Large Diamond in a Square Quilt Block Pattern Here*

Please read all instructions carefully before beginning. Use a scant 1/4″ seam allowance when sewing this block.

Supplies Needed

Along with the fabric, you will need some general quilting supplies.

Cutting mat

12 1/2″ quilter’s ruler

Rotary Cutter

Sewing Supplies

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Fabric Needed:

Background Fabric: Fat quarter, Fabric A: Fat quarter, Fabric B: Fat quarter, Fabric C: Fat eighth

Cutting Instructions:

Background Fabric:

4 squares cut 5 ¾ inches by 5 ¾ inches

Fabric A:

4 squares cut 5 inches by 5 inches

2 squares cut 5 ¾ inches by 5 ¾ inches

Fabric B:

4 squares cut 5 ¾ inches by 5 ¾ inches

Fabric C:

2 squares cut 5 ¾ inches by 5 ¾ inches

Video Tutorial

Block Assembly:

To make the half square triangles you will need the 5 ¾ inch squares. Match them up as follows:

Background Fabric with Fabric B: 4 pairs

Fabric A with Fabric C: 2 pairs

On each of the pairs, draw a diagonal line on the back (wrong) side of the lighter fabric. This will be your sewing guide.

Line up each pair of squares with front (right) sides facing each other.

Using a ¼ inch seam allowance, sew along both sides of the drawn diagonal line.

Cut down the center, along the drawn line. You will end up with two blocks that need to be pressed open.

Trim them down to 5 inches square. Repeat with the other pairs. You will end up with 12 half square triangles.

Lay out your blocks as shown and then sew together.

Here’s how the block turns out. There is that nice large center that gives it a bold graphic look.

I did all of my tester blocks for this quilt in purples. Here’s how this one looks.

If You Are Participating in the 2021 Stars of the Prairie Mystery Quilt:
You need to make 1 of these blocks this month.

Feel free to join in the mystery quilt fun. You can find all of the details in this article.

In addition, I have this FB group for people who are participating. It’s a fun place to see what other people are doing for their blocks.

What we’ve done so far:











Show off your progress on social media! Make sure to use the hashtag #createwithclaudiaqal if you post any pictures!

*This mystery quilt along is for entertainment purposes only. Therefore, there are no prizes or giveaways.* Best efforts have been made to ensure that the instructions are correct, however sometime errors occur. If you have any questions, please contact us *

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