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My Puff Quilt Making Process

Every month I make a project for the Island Batik ambassador program. For this month we were given one of their new fabric lines and asked to create a puff quilt. Having never made one, I checked out lots of online tutorials and came up with a process that combines a bit of all of them. I thought I would show you my puff quilt making process. It isn’t difficult and, once you get going, it goes fairly quickly.

To demonstrate, I made a small quilt that would work for a doll or maybe even a cat. Important: This is not ideal for a cat because they will probably scratch it up and you don’t want them eating the stuffing.

For my little quilt I used left over fabrics from Island Batik’s new line called Broken Glass. It was designed by Kathy Engle for Swan Sheridan of Swan Amity Studios.

Ivy and my puff quilt.

The reason I made this little cat bed/doll quilt was because of my mom’s cat Ivy. I always take my finished quilts to my mom to show her. As soon as I laid down the puff quilt I made for my Island Batik project, Ivy jumped on it and would not leave. My mom said I should make one for her, so that is what I did.

Here’s my puff quilt that inspired this puff-making post.

The puff quilt I made for my Island Batik ambassador blog hop.

You can read all about my puff quilt in this blog post.

Disclosure: Items used in the post were provided by Island Batik, Aurifil Thread and Schmetz Needles.

My Puff Quilt Making Process

To make my little quilt I used the following items:

Gorgeous New Island Batik Fabric Line! “Broken Glass”

In my larger puff I also added batting and backing. The batting I used was Hobbs PolyDown.

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A Quick Recap of My Puff Quilt Making Process (You can watch the entire process in my video above.)

1 – Cut out 2 squares of fabric, the top one (the one that will show) should be an inch larger than the bottom one.

2 – Gather the fabric and pin so that the two edges of the fabric meet the edges of the bottom square. Using an 1/8″ seam allowance, sew down the side. Continue around 3 sides of the square. Leave one side open.

3 – Lay out your empty squares in columns.

4 – Sew the individual columns together, making sure that the opening to the puffs is on the right side.

5 – Stuff the puffs of the first column and then, using the same method before adding the stuffing, sew the puffs closed, using the 1/8″ seam allowance. Add the next column to the right of the column you just stuffed. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance for this step. Add stuffing to this column and close up. Continue adding columns until you are done.

Add batting and backing if desired. I did not do this for the little version of the puff quilt that I made. However, the larger one has it.

Happy Quilting!

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