42 Gifts For Quilters

During the 30 plus years that I have been quilting, I have gotten a lot of gifts from friends and family. However I know that it is not always easy picking out gifts for a quilter. You may not know a thing about quilting. You may not know your friend’s tastes or what they need. Whatever the reason may be that you are having trouble picking out a gift is, here are 42 gifts for quilters. Hopefully it will help you out.

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1. Gift Cards

When all else fails, a gift card is a good way to go. Especially if you want to surprise your friend but have absolutely no idea what they want. Most local quilt stores sell them. Not only that, but most online stores have them as well.

Practical Items

2. Sewing Machine Needles

Every quilter who uses a sewing machine will tell you that they always need needles. Find out what they use and give them a couple of packs.

3. Scissors

Quilters never have enough scissors. For a special gift, buy them a nicer pair.

4. Marking Tool

I admit that this isn’t the most exciting gift to give, but every quilter needs marking tools.

5. Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter makes a great gift for a beginner. We all use them and we use them a lot.

6. Ruler

Here’s another must-have item for a quilter. Rulers come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you are getting one they can use.

7. Cutting Mat

Another must-have is a cutting mat. It doesn’t have to be huge, but make it big enough to be useful.

8. Snippers

One of all-time favorite tools is a pair of snippers. They make a great stocking stuffer and are not pricey.

9. Straight Pins

Straight pins are always getting lost or damaged so resupply your friend’s stash of them.

10. Wonder Clips

Wonder clips are another favorite of mine and they are incredibly handy to have.

11. Seam Ripper

Every quilter needs at least one of these and there are some lovely ones available.

12. Pin Cushions

Pick up a pretty pin cushion. They are quite useful.

13. Wool Pressing Mat

These have changed my pressing life and are a great gift idea.

14. Iron

Ok, so an iron is not the most exciting gift, but a quilter loves having a good one around the house.

15. Ironing Board

Perfect to give alongside the iron, quilters that have a separate studio will want a dedicated ironing board.

16. Batting

Batting is pretty subjective, but if you know what your friend likes or needs, buy them a roll. If you don’t know, then ask at a local quilt shop. They can help you out.

17. Fabric

Another item that is extremely subjective is fabric. Everyone likes something different. However, if you know your friend’s tastes or needs, or if you just want to give a little something to a beginner, fabric is always a welcome gift.

18. Fabric Subscription Club

A great gift for someone who does not get out a lot or who wants to increase their fabric stash is a membership to a fabric subscription club. You can get monthly, bi-monthly and other options at various shops.

19. Thread

Every quilter needs it so why not help them stock up with some basic threads. You can also jazz up their collection of threads with some fun colors too.

20. Quilt Class

If you have a friend who is interested in quilting, sign them up for a class. It is also a great idea if a well-known quilter is in town teaching a workshop. Get yourself and your friend a ticket and make a fun day of it.

21. Quilt Guild Membership

A great way to meet other quilters is through a guild. Why not invite a friend and give them a membership at the same time.

22. Magazine Subscription

Name me a quilter who doesn’t love thumbing through the pages of a quilt magazine. It’s a fantastic gift idea.

23. Organizer

Great for carrying around all of those small quilting items, an organizer bag is practical and fun gift to give. Fill it with quilting goodies to make it even more special.

24. Quilting Book

There are as many quilting books as there are quilters, but they are helpful and make a great gift.

25. Quilt Pattern

Another subjective idea, but if you think your friend would love a particular pattern why not get it for them. Throw in some fabric for a personal touch.

26. Quilt Kit

If you don’t want to pick out all the fabrics, get a quilt kit for your friend. It has almost everything they are going to need to make a quilt.

Pricier Items

27. Display Rack

There are so many lovely display racks available. You can find floor models, wall racks and even table top ones. It is a great gift for your quilter friend who wants to show off their hard work.

28. Room Storage System

If your loved one is getting a new sewing room, why not get them a storage system. There are some pretty amazing ones out there.

29. Design Wall

Believe it or not, you can buy design walls and if your friend is into designing quilts, it is a good gift idea.

30. Fabric Cutting Machine

There are some fantastic cutting systems available to quilters and they are handy to have.

31. Quilt Design Software

I design almost all of my quilt patterns in computer software and you friend may want to as well. Just make sure that it will work with your friend’s computer.

32. Sewing Machine

Go all out and get your loved one a new sewing machine. There are so many models available in various price ranges. However before you do, check to make sure that it is right for the recipient.

33. Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are helpful when quilting in various rooms. They put out some great light.

Novelty Quilt-Related Items

34. Notecards

Quilters love getting and sending notes, so why not pick up a pretty set of notecards for them.

35. Quilting Novel/Mystery Book

There are some terrific quilting-related novels and mysteries out there. They make great stocking stuffers.

36. Puzzle

My local quilt shop carries a fun variety of quilt-them puzzles and I am always hinting about it to my family. Puzzles make a fun and inexpensive gift.

37. Quilt-Themed T-Shirt

If you haven’t looked lately, there are some beautiful quilt-themed t-shirts out there. Who doesn’t need another t-shirt!

38. Stickers

Stickers are all the rage right now so buy a few and give them to all of your quilty friends. You can purchase these stickers as well as my patterns and some quilts in my Etsy shop.

39. Jewelry

If you friend loves jewelry then why not make it quilting-themed. From earrings to charms, there are plenty of options out there.

40. Mug/Drink Cup

I always have a glass of water with me in my quilt studio. Mine says “A Quilter Lives Here”. I bet your friend would love to have one in their sewing space too.

41. Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar so why not make a quilt-related one. You can purchase this fun one from By the Yard™ here. They also carry all sorts of fun quilt-related items.

42. Color Wheel

These little doodads that help designers with color selection are helpful to have, especially when designing a quilt.

Gift-Giving Tips

Here are a few suggestions when giving a gift.

Get a basket and bundle some of the lower priced items together. Throw in some home-baked goodies and give them a basket of quilt items.
When getting a high priced item, always check with the recipient first.
If you can’t decide, take your friend shopping and let them buy what they want.
Make a starter kit with a cutting mat, rotary cutter and a ruler for a beginner quilter.

Have fun shopping! – Claudia

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