Half Square Triangle Tutorial

16 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns and a Half Square Triangle Tutorial - createwithclaudia - #quilting #quiltblock

Some quilters may not consider a half square triangle an actual quilt block. After all, it plays a major part in many block patterns. However, I definitely consider it one, and I think it is one that stands quite well on its’ own. That’s why I came up with this half square triangle tutorial.

When laid out in an effective way, this simple two-color creation can produce stunning quilts. Just take a look at these nine of the sixteen half square triangle block layouts highlighted in this article.

16 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns and a Half Square Triangle Tutorial - createwithclaudia - #quilting #quiltblock
9 of the 16 layouts in this article. Half square triangle blocks are so versatile.
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April Entry for the Patterns By Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge

April Block for the Patterns By Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge - createwithclaudia

I can’t believe it’s already April and I am working on my fourth quilt block for the Patterns By Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge! Before I know it, December will be rolling around.

This month, the floral inspiration is Glory of the Snow, and what a glorious flower it is. It is an early bloomer that gives us all hope that Spring has arrived. It is also another blue flower, which there aren’t too many of in the garden. The white center of it makes it look like it’s glowing.

I tried to find batik fabrics that would mimic the color of the blossom, and I think I hit the mark. The color prompts for both March and April were navy and blue respectively, so I wanted to use fabrics that were blue, but not close to the navy from used in March. Using the white and light blue made all the difference.

As a result of creating this month’s entry, I’ve been inspired to design a blue and white quilt. The color combination is so a fresh and crisp, and the fabric I used gives a bit of a modern twist on the famous Blue Willow china pattern.

Unfortunately I don’t have too much of this fabric left. I’ll need to go shopping if I plan on making a larger quilt.

The Challenge So Far

So far this year the colors have been green, pink, navy and blue. Next up is lime green. I have a feeling that these blocks are going to be radiant once they are all finished and set together.

Here are the four blocks I have done so far. Every month I choose a new favorite, and this month is no exception. I just love that white and light blue print.

April Block for the Patterns By Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge - createwithclaudia

If you would like to join in the fun, check out the information over at Patterns By Jen. You’ll find all of the instructions, and you can see entries from other quilters too. It’s always fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Happy Quilting!

The Best Way to Organize Fabric Scraps

Best way to organize scrap fabric - createwithclaudia.com - #quilting #sewing

I have been quilting for over thirty years, so you can imagine that I have collected a lot of fabric scraps.

Until recently, I would just throw them all into a three-tiered plastic storage bin, shoving more and more in until scraps would pop out when I opened the drawers.

The last time I opened it, the whole thing toppled over and it took forever to clean up. Of course, that might have been because I would get sidetracked by some of the fabrics, and reminisce about them before putting them away.

As a result of the chaos, I came up with what I think is the best way to organize fabric scraps.

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Choosing Fabrics For Ombré Projects

Tutorial demonstrating how to choose fabrics for an ombré (gradient) sewing project like a quilt or a table runner. createwithclaudia.com  #quilting #sewing #ombré

The ombré look is popular right now, especially in fabric arts. This play on color lends itself well to quilting and, if done well, can result in a stunning piece. So if you are interested in choosing fabrics for ombré projects, then this article will help you out.

Ombré, or gradient, is a look that is achieved by organizing colors from dark to light, or vice versa. It can be done with one dominant color, like the coral used in this article, or with multiple colors, like in a watercolor quilt.

Of course, you can easily get the look by purchasing ombré fabric bundles at quilt or craft stores. However, if you want to use fabric that you have on hand, then it takes a bit of planning.

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March Entry for the Patterns By Jen 2019 Monthly Color Challenge

March 2019 Patterns by Jen Monthly Color Challenge entry from createwithclaudia.com

I love a good challenge, especially one that gets my creative juices flowing. So this year I decided to up my game a bit and participate in a couple of quilting ones. Here is my March entry for the Patterns by Jen 2019 Color Challenge.

This challenge appealed to me for a few reasons. First, it’s all about color, and I love color. Second, the inspiration comes from flowers and besides my quilting, I am an avid gardener, so it was a natural fit. Lastly, it isn’t that difficult. It’s only one block per month, with well written and easy-to-follow instructions.

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