Patchwork Infinity Scarf Pattern

Double-Sided Patchwork Infinity Scarf Pattern

I have to admit that I am a little addicted to infinity scarves. They are so versatile and can really dress up an outfit. They are also surprisingly easy to make. Solid ones are nice, but they can be a bit limiting, depending on what color it is. So I decided to step up my infinity scarf game and make a double-sided one. To jazz it up, I made the one side a patchwork to show off some of my fabrics. The result is this gorgeous double-sided patchwork infinity scarf pattern.

For years I had the golden batik fabric that I used for the back side of this scarf, as well as for the focal fabric on the patchwork side. I could never decide what to do with it until I came up with this pattern, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s a stunning scarf that I will wear for years to come.

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Pixelated Patriotic Throw Pillow Pattern

Pixelated Patriotic Throw Pillow Pattern - - #fourthofjuly

The summer months and red, white and blue just seem to go together. The kick off for the season is Memorial Day and then comes the Fourth of July, and no one can deny that both of those holidays are all about patriotism. Like many other people, every summer my house is adorned with the colors of the flag. From table runners to wreaths, I try to incorporate the colors in my living space. It’s the perfect time to bring out them out, and this pixelated patriotic throw pillow pattern fits right in.

It’s an easy pattern to follow, and all you need are a few supplies, some fabric scraps, and a little time.

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How to Make a Scrap Quilt Using the Paper Bag Method

Make your quilting fun with this liberating and unique way of making a scrap quilt.  It's easy with the Paper Bag Method. Free quilt pattern included. -

Have you ever lost your sew-jo? Let’s face it, we all get into a sewing slump from time to time. I know I do. To help me snap out of it, I try to find projects that are a little different. I join quilt challenges or sew some small projects. But my favorite way to make quilting interesting again is to make a paper bag quilt. Yes, I know it sounds a little weird, but you read that right. At this point you are probably getting curious, so here is how to make a paper bag quilt.

Essentially, this method turns scrap quilt making into a fun game. It’s easy and, depending on the pattern and quilt size you choose, you can put together a quilt top in a day or so. You don’t need to worry about what fabrics go well together, or where blocks should be placed. The only rules to follow are your own.

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16 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

16 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns and a Half Square Triangle Tutorial - createwithclaudia - #quilting #quiltblock

Some quilters may not consider a half square triangle an actual quilt block. After all, it plays a major part in many block patterns. However, I definitely consider it one, and I think it is one that stands quite well on its’ own. That’s why I came up with this half square triangle tutorial.

When laid out in an effective way, this simple two-color creation can produce stunning quilts. Just take a look at these nine of the sixteen half square triangle block layouts highlighted in this article.

16 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns and a Half Square Triangle Tutorial - createwithclaudia - #quilting #quiltblock
9 of the 16 layouts in this article. Half square triangle blocks are so versatile.
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Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow Pattern

Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow Pattern - createwithclaudia - #eastercraft #sewing

I love Spring and all that it brings. The soft pastels in every color remind me of the flowers that are just beginning to bloom. The grass is getting greener, the birds are chirping, and the weather is getting warmer.

It is also a time when I start all of my Easter decorating, and this year my new pillow is the main star. You can get the same look in your house with my Pixelated Easter Egg Throw Pillow pattern.

This design is the third in my pixelated holiday pillow series, and this might be my favorite so far. It is a great way to use up all of those gorgeous pastel scraps you have. Of course, it’s a good excuse to buy more fabric too.

The pillow is large and looks good anywhere. It would make nice hostess gift for someone if you are invited to their home during the holiday.

So gather up all those pretty fabrics, eat a couple of jelly beans to give you some energy, and make yourself a new throw pillow.

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