Easy Perler Bead Earrings Tutorial

Perler Bead Earring Tutorial - 4 Different Designs #perlerbeads #hamabeads #diytutorial - createwithclaudia.com

When my daughter was younger she was really into perler (also known as hama) beads. Over the years, she lost interest in them, but we still have her brightly colored creations around the house. We also have a big plastic container filled with unused beads. In my never-ending quest to declutter, I decided to dig in to that bin, and I came up with this easy perler bead earrings tutorial.

Perler beads come in practically every color of the rainbow, and the design possibilities are endless. It is also surprisingly simple to turn them into a pair of fun earrings that kids, teens, and even adults, will love.

Today I am bringing you four different options, two that are fruity, and two that are floral. The fruit designs are big, bold, and sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them. The flowers are a bit more understated, especially the smaller ones.

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft Tutorial

When my daughter was younger she was constantly making things.  Craft supplies would be spread out all over the kitchen table and we would create all kinds of fun things.

One of her favorite projects to make was a Tissue Paper Stained Glass Suncatcher.  We would make them in all sorts of shapes and sizes and give them to family and friends.

I thought I’d revisit this craft so I put together a tutorial that you can find HERE.

This project is extremely easy to do and you only need a few supplies.  I’ve made these suncatchers with Sunday School classes and neighborhood kids and everyone loved them.  They would make a great Mother’s Day gift if you are still looking for ideas.

Here are a couple of other designs that we made using the same technique.  The tutorial will guide you through every step.

Happy Crafting!

Here’s a heart for that special someone….

Here’s a flower to brighten up anyone’s day…