Men’s Shirts Memory Ornaments

Men's Shirts Memory Ornaments Tutorial

This year has been full of challenges for me. Both my father and my father-in-law passed away within a short time of one another, and our family is dealing with the losses in the best way we know how to. In my case that includes creating things from some of their belongings. These easy men’s shirts memory ornaments are one of those creations.

With the shirts I had left from my father, I was able to make some nice throw pillows, but I still had plenty of fabric left after they were done. I thought it would be nice to make some small keepsakes for the grandchildren, which led to these ornaments.

Follow these easy instructions, and you will have your own memory ornaments in no time.

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Wooden Spool Craft Projects

Awesome Wooden Spool Craft Projects

Anyone who sews knows that they will eventually end up with an empty spool that gets tossed in the trash. Why not recycle them into some unique items instead? Here are 11 awesome wooden spool craft projects choose from.

Where to find spools

Today, spools are made out of plastic, but vintage wooden ones can still be found in flea markets or antique shops. Some of them still have their original labels or graphics on them, which adds another interesting design element. If you can’t find vintage spools, new ones are easily available.

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Mint Marshmallow Cookie Candy Recipe

Chocolate Mint Marshmallow Candy -

I am warning you right now that when you try this recipe, it will probably end up being one of your favorite candy recipes ever.  Yes, it’s that good.  How can it not be when it’s got marshmallows and mint sandwich cookies all blended together with melted chocolate chips!  To me it’s the perfect mint candy, not too strong, but definitely minty.  It’s also unbelievably easy to make and it stores well, which makes it that much better.

This is now my candy choice when I put together my Christmas cookie trays.  In fact, if you ask my daughter and my brother, it’s a requirement for my holiday baking list, and my brother usually gets a batch when his birthday rolls around.

The recipe makes about 44 large pieces of candy, but it can easily be doubled for those of you who have large events to attend, or assemble lots of cookie trays to give out at the holidays.

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Recycled Single-Serve Coffee Maker Cup Christmas Bell Ornament Tutorial.

DIY Recycled Single Serve Christmas Bell -

I don’t know about you, but I love my single-serve coffee maker.  Every morning I make myself a delicious beverage with no fuss and very little muss.  What I don’t like about my single-serve coffee maker is the fact that it uses those disposable little plastic cups that the coffee and tea come in.  What an incredible waste!  Luckily we recycle so I usually toss them in recycling bin instead of the trash.

Lately though, I’ve been saving some of the cups and trying to figure out a fun craft to do with them. I came up with this cute little Christmas ornament, a bell.  I absolutely love it.  It’s perfect for an upcycled Christmas tree.

DIY Recycled Single Serve Christmas Bell -

One of the fun things about this holiday craft is that, with just a few adjustments depending on the age, almost anyone can make it.

Younger children can help paint and glue decorations on, while parents can help with the more difficult parts of the assembly. Older children and teens can use their imagination and get really creative with their bells.

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