Mystery Quilt Along Details

Create with Claudia 2020 Mystery Quilt Along

It’s the end of November, and that means that it is almost time for the mystery quilt along to start. I’m pretty excited, and I’ve picked out my fabrics. Have you? Here is what you need to know.

How it Works and What You Will Need

Welcome to the first ever Create with Claudia Mystery Quilt Along. Since it is my first one, I am keeping it fairly simple and traditional, so it is good for beginners as well as more experienced quilters.

A new block will be published at the beginning of every month for the first eleven months of the year. The final month will be the quilt top assembly instructions. There will be multiples of the block needed for almost every month. Don’t worry though, the more that are needed, the easier they are to assemble.

Because some people like to look at patterns and some people like to use video tutorials, I’ll be giving you both. Each month I will be doing a blog post which will include the pattern. In addition, I will be uploading a video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

I’ll be sending out the tutorial to my email subscribers, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on a month.

Also, if you would like, head over to facebook and join my facebook group that is just for this quilt along. You’ll be able to get the latest updates and see what other people are doing to!

Here’s what you need to know.

Finished Quilt Top Size

36″ X 36″

Fabric Requirements (Note that these estimates are generous)

  • Various fabrics totaling approximately 3 ½ yards for the top. (*See note on fabric choices below)
  • Backing – 1 ½ yards
  • Binding fabric requirements depend on how you plan on binding.

*Note on fabric choices:

One of my favorite things about quilt alongs is to see all of the color combinations and fabrics that people come up with.

In the quilt I made for this quilt along, I chose to use the same background fabric (Fabric A in the monthly patterns) for all of the blocks. If you decide to do this, you will need about 2 yards total of the background fabric.

However, there are no rules for color choices. Just have fun with it.

Monthly Block Patterns

My Fabric Pull

Here’s my fabric pull. The off-white with tiny green dots fabric is my choice for the background. I’m in love with these cheery colors!

Fabric Pull - Create with Claudia 2020 Mystery Quilt Along

These are all Moda fabrics that I bought from The Fat Quarter Shop, and include pieces from the following collections:

  • Best Friends Forever by Stacy Iest Hsu
  • Flower Sacks by Me and My Sister
  • Sweet Harmony by American Jane
  • Essential Dots


You will need basic sewing and quilting supplies.

General Pattern Guidelines

Along with the month-specific instructions that will be provided for each block pattern, the following general guidelines will apply to all of them.

  • Scant 1/4” seam allowance should be used
  • Arrows indicate pressing directions
  • Generous fabric requirements are given
  • Cutting instructions provided are for all of the blocks in the given month

Be sure to share your progress on social media using the hashtag #createwithclaudiaqal so everyone can see your work!

Clue # 1

It is all about a lot of squares to get us started.

*This mystery quilt along is for entertainment purposes only. There are no prizes or giveaways.*

Best efforts have been made to ensure that the instructions are correct, however sometime errors occur.

46 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Along Details

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Thanks. You don’t have to subscribe to the email list to join in. The quilt along is open to anyone. The email is just a nice way to get the monthly reminder. I will be posting a new block each month and then the directions for putting it all together for the last post. I hope you enjoy the quilt along.

      • Mavis Skene says:

        Very excited I’m a beginner and I’m disabled and 77. Never too old to learn. I live in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Must find January block now so I dont miss out.

  1. Debbie says:

    This sounds fun! Would a scrappy approach be OK for this mystery? Scrappy is my favorite. I could use one color of scraps throughout (plus background) if that would work better than multi colors. Thank you for offering this.

  2. Bonny Davidson says:

    I am new to quilting in general. So, and I am excited to do this mystery quilt along. But do you only make 1 block of each different pattern for the quilt? So, by the end you have 11 blocks to put together for the top? Or do you make more than one of each?

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Glad you will be participating! In January we make 8 blocks (all the same). Other months vary with the number of blocks. The January pattern has been posted so that will give you an idea of how it works.

      • Washiela Ratcliffe says:

        Trust me to be Miss-Tardy-to-the-Party – very late in fact … but I’m in! 💝

        Love getting your emails, so I’m looking forward to quilting along with others. I’ll do my utmost to catch up.

        Thanks Claudia 🌹

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Hi Adelaide – There is no official sign up, just join in the fun. Here’s where you can find the first block There is a link on my home page as well. At the beginning of every month I will be posting the new block. I also have a facebook group which and Instagram which will have updates. If you would like, you can also sign up for my email list which will send out a link the the monthly block. Have fun and thanks for your interest!

  3. sheila oxley says:

    Hi Claudia. I was wondering about the fabric requirements…. You say 3 1/2 total for the top and lower you mention doing all the same as the background and we would need 2 yrds…so if I use a solid background then I would only need another yard and a half for the top? I have a fat quarter bundle I’m thinking of using, but would need more if I need 3 1/2 plus 2 for the background. Thanks for dong this QAL, it looks like fun!

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Hi Sheila – The 2 yards is included in the 3 1/2 total. So, yes, you would only need another yard and a half for the top. Just a note though, I give very generous fabric requirements so you will probably have some left over. Glad you will be joining along! This is my first time hosting a quilt along so I hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Zoe' Poutoukalis says:

    I’ve joined in the Quilt Along & I’m looking forward to learning & also having fun along the way. I’m eager to get started;
    Warm Regards, Zoe’
    from Tasmania, Australia

  5. Deb Brooks says:

    Hi just joined a month late… but I can catch-up. So I like the idea of using the same back material as fabric A through out the mystery quilt. So my question is on the other fabrics needed…. so I was to collect fat quarters for the other fabrics in each block, should I get 11 different ones? That’s is where I am a little lost. Please advise!

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Glad to have you joining! It’s really up to you on how many different fabrics to use. You can go from just making it a 2 color quilt to using lots of different ones. There are some months where the block has 2 fabrics and some where I use more. I like a scrappier look which is why I went with a larger variety of fabrics, but in all of my versions I use the same fabric as Fabric A every month. If you want to see what looks other folks are doing you can head over to my facebook group (create with claudia quilt along) or check out instagram (#createwithclaudiaqal). Good luck and I hope you have fun!

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi Claudia,

    I just joined the quilt along today (February 8th) and have only made one quilt before. What type of fabric is best for quilting? I have limited access to fabric stores, and can’t always find fat quarters.

    Thank you! I am very excited to have found your web site and facebook page!


    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Welcome. I find that 100% cotton quilting is best for quilting, especially when starting out. You don’t specifically have to have fat quarters, just enough fabrics to make the blocks for the quilt. Scraps will do, or larger pieces. Good luck!

  7. Kim says:

    Hi Claudia ,
    It’s March and happy I found your YouTube video for the mystery quilt-a-long. Love both of your color choices. Looking forward to catching up! Ladies…. Happy Quilting!

    Ohio, USA

  8. Judy Fish says:

    Sort of scared and sort of excited to try this (I am such a perfectionist that I often talk myself out of even trying – thus my reason for not starting till now). Such a goof ball, I am. Nor do I need to start one more project, but I ma going to do it anyway.

  9. Judy Fish says:

    I’ve been putting notes in my quilting journal, planning to start – but only began yesterday. I keep second guessing myself on fabric choices, because I do not know what the finished quilt will look like. I don’t know how many different fabric choices to include so it doesn’t look lopsided or hodge podge. Because 8 blocks are made of one pattern and 2 of another, I question how much of a different fabric I should include. I know that I am overthinking this, but….

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      I think one thing that may help is using the same fabric every month for Fabric A, the background. That is my white with green dots fabric in the articles and you’ll see it every month. You may want to see what other folks are doing as well. If you are in Instagram look up the hashtag #createwithclaudiaqal or you can also look on facebook at my group Create with Claudia Quilt Along. There are lots of ideas for the months. And some people lay out all of the months they have done together so you can get an idea of what different combos look like.

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Prewashing is up to the individual quilter I like to prewash, but many folks don’t.

  10. Barbara says:

    Fantastic, this is my first quilt along and I’m hoping as a beginner quilter I can stumble through. I’m so happy I came across your quilt along in YouTube.

  11. Althea says:

    Fabric Question – I what to use the same background fabric for each block, as you did with your white/green polka dots, so my question is this…how many yards of the white/green polka dots did you purchase? 1 yard? 1-1/2 yards? Less/more? For all the other block fabrics I will use what I have in my stash.
    Thank yoiu for this fun quilt-along.

    • createwithclaudia_7j76hs says:

      Hi – 2 yards is what I suggest for the background fabric. It’s a generous estimate, but I like having lots of extra fabric. Glad you are joining in. I hope you have fun!

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